Tuesday, March 15, 2011


And then it hit me. My dream. My dream is to become Debt Free. Financially speaking, that is. This I need to give back to the "Dream Giver" (see Bruce Wilkinson's book, "Dream Giver"). I just realized that "that", in and of itself, is my ultimate dream and it has many facets. Many avenues to becoming debt free. I believe being a Mary Kay consultant and a part of this enourmous company is an avenue. Sure, I am afraid of it. I am afraid of asking people "have you ever had a Mary Kay facial." I am afraid "what if I succeed?" and "what if I fail?"

But,I am learning to do things afraid. To keep my eyes upon the author and perfector of my faith. To stare into the eyes of the one who called me to step out of the boat. I asked him to call me on that. He did. I started to walk. Started to sink. Honestly, I wanted to sink and stay under water for a LONG LONG time. But that's giving up and giving in to the enemy of my soul. I will hold my head up. Because ultimately, I realize most importantly...I AM DEBT FREE! I am debt free of the wages of sin and death. Christ has paid that debt. And for that I am eternally grateful.

I will be financially Debt Free! But until then, I am giving that dream back to my God. My Dream Giver.

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