Tuesday, March 15, 2011


And then it hit me. My dream. My dream is to become Debt Free. Financially speaking, that is. This I need to give back to the "Dream Giver" (see Bruce Wilkinson's book, "Dream Giver"). I just realized that "that", in and of itself, is my ultimate dream and it has many facets. Many avenues to becoming debt free. I believe being a Mary Kay consultant and a part of this enourmous company is an avenue. Sure, I am afraid of it. I am afraid of asking people "have you ever had a Mary Kay facial." I am afraid "what if I succeed?" and "what if I fail?"

But,I am learning to do things afraid. To keep my eyes upon the author and perfector of my faith. To stare into the eyes of the one who called me to step out of the boat. I asked him to call me on that. He did. I started to walk. Started to sink. Honestly, I wanted to sink and stay under water for a LONG LONG time. But that's giving up and giving in to the enemy of my soul. I will hold my head up. Because ultimately, I realize most importantly...I AM DEBT FREE! I am debt free of the wages of sin and death. Christ has paid that debt. And for that I am eternally grateful.

I will be financially Debt Free! But until then, I am giving that dream back to my God. My Dream Giver.

Friday, January 28, 2011

"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone?"

Here's the spaghetti trail:
Noodle A: Going through my morning devotional : Mission On Motherhood (thank you Debi Miller about 3 years ago on that one!). There was a challenge issued to get alone with God for some personal planning time. In that time, write down your goals for each child. "Consider how you are falling short of your goals. (notice she did not say "if you are"). Plan specifically how you can do better and what you need to do to move toward your goal. Then spend time in prayer, commiting it to the Lord." (pg 18).
Which lead to noodle B: I remember reading about a prayer guide in the Modsquad Facebook blog on how to pray daily for your daughter. (www.modsquadblog.com)

Which ran over Noodle C: Yesterdays blog on "Each day being a gift"....lead into my WHOLE LAST WEEK about God speaking to me about each day being a gift...which overlapped the next noodle about how how if me, being just a mortal being, could give good gifts, why is it that I think God is not going to give me good gifts. (Read Matthew 7: 4-14). Which collided with Noodle "Ask and it shall be given to you.... ... How much more will your father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask."

So today is a gift from God. My children are a gift from God. What am I going to do about it?
I know I can start by "asking" for more direction on how to handle such gifts :)

Today in history, 25 years ago

I didn't remember it, until I read it just now. Today marks 25 years since the Challenger explosion.
I was 12. I remember standing at the TV. The countdown. 10. 9. 8. ....etc. And then the launch. The shuttle up in the air. Then a big cloud of smoke. I remember being so confused. I don't think it hit me what had just happened. My mind could not compute that. Never had anyone seen such a thing.
I remember that this mission was to be extra exciting because they had a teacher on board. That was a really cool idea of having her go up. And all the preparations she had to do to get to that place.
But the vision of the big cloud of smoke forever stays in my brain. It's like I see myself...still standing at the T.V. Staring at the big cloud and thinking, "what just happened?"
It's a short sound byte memory. But it is one that will never leave.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

21 days

So the number of days to change a habit or make one is 21. I think I am doing pretty good with my blog forming habit. This is the most I have posted in the past, say, 3 years when I officially started this :)

Day 4 of my exercise routine. I am feeling it today since I didn't get enough sleep. I stayed up late to finish some things on my "TO DO" list that just kept hanging on.

It feels good to form an exercise "habit." And a "releasing your thoughts" habit.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year~New You Step C

So I skipped a day. OOPS! Which is a great reminder that if you fall off the horse, just get back on. Continue the ride :)
Day 3 of exercise. I love my Nike APP for my iPhone. $2.99. I am tracking my walk time and posting it to Facebook. That makes if fun! I walked and did a work out Video Monday. Which is more than I planned. So good! Already pushing myself. Yesterday was only a walk. The workout made me sore!

Ok, so things to gleam for today. 1. When you fall down. Get back up. People won't stare at you so much. (Ok, so I'm talking about when you "fall behind" not ON your behind!)
2. Push yourself just a little bit each day.

Goals for Today:
Family: play with my kids :) Get on the floor with them and stay there even when I want to get up and do something else.
Exercise: I plan to go on my walk and do another video.
Business: I need to count my inventory (what's left from my last year's Mary Kay inventory)
Personal: Read 15 minutes of "Eat, Pray, Love."

Have a super day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year ~ New You! (Step B)

So it looks like if I had to write something down under the "What is your New Year's Resolution" section of life, I would just lump one big, generic title: Do things in small steps.
Because how many of us see the big picture, but do not know how to get there? ME! So like yesterday, all I had time for was a small segment of writing. I made that my small step A. And now moving to B.
I feel if I identify a goal, write it down, and then map it out....well then things might actually happen BY me this year.
Ex: New Me (i.e. New Me Shape). I am taking place in a friend's friendly weight loss competition. A bit embarrasing since the posting of pictures on our Facebook group page is involved. But if I don't tell others my goal, it won't happen. If I don't motivate myself with my present body shape pictures, then I will be less likely to go to the next day. The next step. How am I going to get to my New Shape? Well, I haven't exactly made my exercise plan yet. The flip side to making goals is to plan the course. And that involves sitting down and doing it. Which is also a challenge for me.
So, let's just start here:
Today - Monday 1/24/11 I am going to work out to my Jillian Michael's DVD. It's only 20 minutes...but I am going from "0" minutes. So I think I will be doing good.
Spiritual goals: I have been getting up early and starting my day off with worship music. That is making a difference in me. I can tell. I then read the Word. I need to stick to one study. Hmmmm.
Ok.. this is good for Step B. I think I will go apply step B to my life now!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year ~ New You! (Step A)

This is the title for my jumpstart into the New Year portfolio for my Mary Kay business.
New Year ~ New You!
It applies to me on so many different levels. Blogging about it will only solidify this and make me accountable for 2011. Do I continue?
What got me thinking was my thought process for the past two days. Yesterday's thoughts started like this: "God is in control. I may have my steps in mind, but it is God who orders them. I need to trust Him." Which lead into today's thoughts: "God will make a way where there seems to be no way." And my song for today is David Crowder's You Alone. Adding All Things New by Brett Yonker.
2011 - New Year. I want a New Me. Not the same old resolutions... well, maybe the same idea but with more realistic goals. For one who has trouble getting from one step to the next and wants to just jump from "A" to "Z".
New me: tossing out the "lose 20 lbs" goal and replacing with simply "Exercise." Having a goal of just doing SOMETHING today is more realistic.

In honor of my new "small steps" idea to going forward, I am going to post this and title it
"Step A". I will have to add "Step B" tomorrow. :P